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Bayani: The Full Roster

To everyone who purchased the Early Access version of the game as well as those who got their Early Access versions from Kickstarter, they will all get the initial roster of the game. The game will have 9 characters on full release and everyone that has the Early Access version will be able to enjoy all of them for free.The schedule for the character release might change a bit as some might arrive earlier or later than expected but the pipeline mentioned above will be our rough estimate and development schedule moving forward. I hope you're all excited for our next character Dre, because we sure are.

Other Features

You might notice that aside from the characters and multiplayer, there is no mention of other game features. However, don't fret as the game will be getting a lot more features aside from the two mentioned in the pipeline above. One of the biggest queries we get is “will the game have a story mode?” The answer is yes, the game will have a story mode. In fact, the game revolves heavily around its story and lore which was made in cooperation with the original character creator Anthony Dacayo.

With that in mind, we wish to give the game's story mode justice; hence, we're unsure of when the full story mode will be released. We will give you updates from time to time regarding the development progress of the feature. Training mode features are also on the plate as we know that it is an integral part of a Fighting Game. More stages, music, achievements, and galleries will also be made available once they are done. Being a small company, we have just enough manpower to juggle around and we are making sure not to spread ourselves too thin. We will be allocating most of our manpower and resources to the most pressing features but rest assured that we have a lot more features in store for everyone.

Our awesome awesome team

Our Early Access launch is perhaps our biggest achievement to date but it doesn't mean that our job is over. In fact, the work is just beginning. We're not the type to rest on our laurels as we find them to be prickly and itchy. We'd rather be up and about with our noses to the grindstone.And we'll be doing just that; we are currently working on some new and exciting things and we can't wait to show them to you.


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