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Dev Blog #3: Heroes and Villains

Updated: May 1, 2020

With the recent update to v1.2.0, Fernando is now a playable character. This is a huge milestone for us in the development team as (1) this means that we are exactly 2/3 done with the initial roster and (2) the Final Boss and Villain for the first story arc is here. We received a lot of question—and some complaints—as to why there is a character based of Magellan in a game titled “Bayani.” The answer to that question is actually simple and straightforward, he is the Final Boss and Main Villain for this story arc which is why he is also a playable character as well. As we are doing a parallel of sorts of the Philippine History, it would make sense that the first boss represents the Spanish Colonial Rule.

As for aesthetics, we decided to continue the visual style we did with Dre and even took it up a notch by placing a lot more emphasis on the particle hits, slash effects, and over-all feel of the moves. Fernando also looks and feels a lot more mobile than what his appearance may seem to suggest which is a cue that we started with Dre. Moving forward, we will begin adding small movements and dashes to the moves of the other characters to make them feel more mobile and fluid. Currently, Joe’s Normal Combo has been updated to fit this new style.

Fernando as a character is also rather straightforward and simple. He is a purely offense-based character that can completely dominate the battlefield if left unchecked. Fernando is fundamentally different from the other purely offense-based character that was also just recently released as Dre’s play style revolves around an extremely quick, rushdown offence filled with mix-ups and cross-ups.

Unlike Dre who mostly plays a berserker-like offense filled with unbridled rage, Fernando, on the other hand, is a more methodical and calculated offense that has plenty of space control thanks to his Divine Weapon: The Sacred Axe of Elisha. His weapon is a huge one-handed axe and spear hybrid that has the ability to cut through space and time. This gives Fernando one of the most oppressive offensive options around as his slashes and thrusts actually cuts through the time/space and will linger in place for multiple attacks after. This makes it extremely difficult to guard against as his moves are always multi-hitting attacks that seem to go on forever. As the Weapon is quite huge, it also has incredible reach and range and combined with the ability to cut through space and time, Fernando’s reach and pressure is truly fitting of a conqueror.

Also available in the update is a new stage: Libingan ng Bayan which is Dre’s personal stage. In the next post, we will talk more about Fernando’s abilities and moves as well as try to give a brief overview of his concept as a character.

- Red

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