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Ranida Games

Based in San Pedro Laguna, Philippines.

Release Date:

Q2 2019 - Steam Early Access


Initially: Windows PC

Future: Mac, Linux, Console, Mobile






BAYANI is a fast-paced, 1-on-1, indie fighting game made by an all Filipino development team. The game features a combination of 2D fighting and full 3D graphics and simplified 6 button controls. BAYANI was designed with accessibility in mind and it is meant to be an easy to pick-up difficult to master fighting game that all players can enjoy— from newcomers to professionals alike. 

With the help of professionals in the fighting game industry as well as support from the local fighting game community (FGC), the game retains the depth and mind games necessary to make the game viable for competitive play.



Its all started back in September 2015, an indie movie about one of the Philippine's national heroes, Heneral Luna, was met with critical acclaim. Following the film's release, a social media post went viral as a group of students asked one of the actors why he never got up from his chair during the entire film. The hero he was portraying was Apolinario Mabini, hailed as the brains of the revolution and someone who suffered from polio which was incurable at the time.

This brought upon a sad realization that the younger generation had little awareness with the country’s history and national heroes. Around this time, a tribute art concept where the country’s national heroes was re-imagined as classic fighting game characters also went viral in social media. We partnered with the artist to make this concept into a reality. Following this, development for BAYANI started with the aim of educating the younger generation about our history by associating them with the characters in the game.

You may read the entire story on our imgur post here.



  • Philippine history inspired characters: All the characters in the game are inspired from REAL LIFE historical personalities of the Philippines.

  • Stages base on real locations: All stages in the game are based on real locations in the Philippines where each stage has significant relation to the game character's real life inspiration.

  • Collect Historical Relics: One of the game's unique feature is the collection of historical relics. Relics plays a huge role in BAYANI's story line and also serves as a way to give the players bits and pieces of information about the Philippine history.

  • Single Player Arcade Mode: Fight against random AI controlled opponents in a one-on-one close quarter combat.

  • 2 Players Versus Mode: Choose your favorite character and compete with your family and friends through local 1v1 multiplayer.

  • Immersive Soundtrack: Feel each character's personality, strength, sadness and conflict through originally composed music.

  • Unlockable Character Skins: Customize the game characters by unlocking skins as you play the game. Skin design can range from traditional Filipino clothing to fan service costumes.



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If you need transparent PNG's of each characters, you may download them here

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