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Delays and Updates

We would like to sincerely apologize for the huge delay in updates. Originally, our pipeline had Fernando, Rio, and Multiplayer done last year; and Lolang Tsora and the secret character by mid Q1 of this year. All of these would culminate to an Early Q2 2020 full release. We are now heading to Q2 of 2020 and we are just up to Rio which means that we are terribly behind our own schedule.

We won’t make any excuses; we completely messed up the estimates due to our inexperience and for that WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR THE DELAY.

To give a background on what happened, we were simply too optimistic with our initial pipeline. We weren’t underestimating the scope of the project but we were too optimistic with our plans and we realized too late that one minor issue could snowball into various delays and problems that will affect the entire pipeline. As a small game development studio, funds are finite and we have had to juggle resources and manpower just to ensure that development for Bayani won’t stall. We were used to this and we factored that in when we were discussing the pipeline internally. However, that too was very optimistic as taking on client work to create extra funds would result in a huge reallocation of resources which snowballed into even more delays. One small delay will lead in to the next. Dependencies on tasks and waiting for the next phase to proceed grew and grew which resulted in huge delays to milestones and updates. We know it’s completely our fault and we promise to be more critical of ourselves from now on.

That is why to everyone who are still supporting us or are still waiting for us to finish the game: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

We promise that Ranida Games is still very much committed in finishing Bayani alongside all of you. We will be updating our pipeline once we’ve talked again internally and we will factor in all possible worst-case scenarios amidst these trying times. Coordinating with the team on a project as big as Bayani was hard enough but now that everyone is working remotely and in a constant state of stress, we are feeling the effects of the current global situation that all of us are experiencing.

It has been 10 months since we released the game on Early Access and 1 year of development is too optimistic of an estimate even without a global crisis happening. We are still inexperienced when it comes to PC/Fighting Games so please bear with us a little more.

Next Major Update will be a Character Update, Lolang Tsora. Development has already started a few months back as we are shooting for a mid Q2 release. We are really hoping that we are able to meet this deadline.

Minor updates that are still in the works are the remaining 3 playable stages. Other updates for the near future are the Bonus Character Update and Gameplay Improvement Patches. Other features that are currently being worked on are:

- Improving the timing for Throw Techs

- Diminishing returns for Meter Gain to reduce meter generation

- A more robust Damage Scaling system

- Reintroduction of Final Arts for every character

- Break improvements

We currently don’t have a set schedule for these gameplay updates but these are just some of the universal features that are being worked on for the final gameplay of Bayani. We will announce a new pipeline sometime in the future when we have talked about the schedule in detail and how the current workflow and new normal will affect us. However, rest assured that we are just as excited to see the full version of Bayani and we thank all of you for joining us on in this journey.

We are very sorry for the delay. Thank you very much for the support. And we hope that all of you are safe.

- Red

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