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Team Bayani Needs Your Help

BAYANI is the first commercial fighting game developed in the Philippines, our team is small but we are serious about our goal to deliver a fighting game experience that is worth playing. Be with us as we move along in developing more features of the game. 

One of our goals when we developed Bayani is to help in bringing awareness about the history of the Philippines by piquing the interest of the players especially the younger generations. We proudly represent the Filipino culture through the game, not only in the Philippines but to the whole world.

Call for Support

The COVID19 pandemic has severely affected our development, we lost all our client projects which helps fund the development. We have lots of features still yet to be developed in order for us to complete the game. We are asking for your support so we can continue on with the development  and deliver a world class fighting game that represents our rich culture and history.

How can I support?
You may choose the following options.

Option 1: Donate any amount and help us continue our development.

Option 2: Buy the game

Option 3: Become a Sponsor

$20 = 1 steam key plus in-game credit as supporter.

If you have any questions or inquiries you may contact us at thank you!

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