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Bayani Pipeline and Updates

To those who have been following our development so far, most of you might feel confused as to why every version of the game feels completely different from the other. This isn't a coincidence either; throughout the dev process, we were still looking for Bayani's identity as a game. With the Early Access launch, we can safely say that we have at least found what we we're looking for but it is still far from finished. Now that we've had tons of players have a go at the game and have given us feedback, suggestions--and of course, the ever expected bugs--we now have a clearer understanding on where to take the game from here.

So Where Do We Go From Here?

We are aware that a Fighting Game's most important feature is to be able to play against other people. That is why work for the Multiplayer feature has started even before Early Access. We can't give an exact date as to when it might be finished but we are optimistic that we can have the feature done by Early Q4 of the year. Of course, things might change; development is sometimes a fickle thing so it might come out sooner or later than expected. Of course we want for the former as well.

In the mean time, we are using Parsec as a means to play against other people and it's working quite well. It's not a true multiplayer experience but it manages to scratch the itch for the time being.

As for the planned updates, by July we'll be pushing a minor update to address most of the common bugs that we've seen. This will mostly adjust a lot of frame data and hitboxes to prevent some unintended attacks from connecting and to connect some attacks that should be comboing but are being dropped. Hopefully we can add some minor features as well but this is mostly a balance and bug fix patch.

We’ll be doing daily dev blogs up to tomorrow so that we can inform every one of what our future plans are and how we will proceed from here. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

- red

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