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Blinded by Rage: Dre Character Introduction

Updated: May 1, 2020

In the lore of the Bayaniverse, Dre is a resurrected zombie. He is reanimated by Lolang Tsora through the request of his wife, Oria, who wants to see him again. However, fate has an ironic sense of humor as Oria became blind due to the revival process. On the other hand, the moment Dre was revived, his anger consumed him completely. He became, quite literally, blinded by his rage and has lost his sight—except for the one thing that drives his entire being which is revenge. Dre’s best defense is his offense. He completely disregards defense in favor of pure unbridled rage and offense.

He is a complete rushdown, glass-cannon that utilizes his meter to completely attack and attack some more. All of his special moves can be chained to itself for an additional effect which costs half a meter. These half meter additions to his special moves can greatly increase the potency of his attacks, extend their reach, or even completely change his approach to open up the enemy. On top of this, he still has access to EX versions of his special moves which costs 1 meter but completely adds another layer of offense that can typically set up another attack string.

Another unique mechanic to Dre is that all of these moves can be chained to one another. This means that most of his special moves can be chained to their respective EX specials or to their half meter versions which can still chain to its EX counterparts. Simply put, an S2 shout, can chain to the EXS2 or the S2 projectile and then chain to the EX-S2 as a full combo. The S1 dash can chain to another S1 dash that auto chases the enemy and still chain to the EXS1 dash that crosses up. The S3 chain is unique, however, as you have complete control over which way to finish your spin combo: low sweep, double overhead kick, or full reversal somersault. All of these moves can still chain to your Fatal Strike which can still be extended to fire projectiles by consuming half a meter.

To Dre, his most important resource is his meter as his HP is seemingly secondary. If all of that isn’t enough, he still has access to an overhead and OTG D-Skill which costs a meter, a jumping OTG S1, a shotgun corner wall bounce jumping S2 and a projectile eating unique attack 6C. Dre has a lot of offensive tools to make quick work of his enemies as long as he can survive the encounter to begin with.

The last post will talk about the other changes that are included in the patch.

- Red

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