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Break and Balance and Beyond

Updated: May 1, 2020

Another completely re-hauled feature in the game is the break mechanic. Originally, we envisioned the break mechanic as a get-away or reset move to stop the enemy’s momentum so that you can get back on your feet. However, it was deemed too quick and powerful as it can completely kill the momentum of the opponent without any inherent weakness.

Since Bayani characters utilize a lot of resource, meter gain is quick which means that people end up using the Break mechanic without abandon. The game then becomes a game of chicken the moment people get two meters as one can easily break the other’s offensive advances.The new Combo Break feature changes this by adding a hefty startup to the Break: 25 frames which is enough for most medium attacks to finish.

Since it is incredibly easy to chain combo strings together, it is now up to the attacking player to completely stop their offense and guard an incoming break. Blocking a Combo Break also fills an entire meter which means predicting a Break is highly rewarding. You can then completely punish a blocked break afterwards. This now puts more thought process in using Break as it is no longer an instant and sure get-away tool.

With the addition of Dre, the previous characters have also been tweaked a bit. Joe’s S1 and S2 have had their damage increased while his meter gain has been slightly decreased. This actually greatly improves his raw offensive capabilities to compensate for the slight decrease in his meter generation. Leon’s new EXS2 now lands an overhead blow to the enemy which puts them in perfect range for your tools as they wake up.

Oria’s HP has been buffed and her EXS3 is now an overhead attack to provide even more offensive options. The limitations to her jS2 have also been removed which makes her aerial advance a lot more unpredictable. Her D-Skill now costs one meter but the damage for her A follow-up has been doubled which makes it even more potent.

Generally with the introduction of one of the most offense-oriented character in the roster, everybody else’s damage and offense game needs to improve just to keep up. Hopefully, these balance tweaks and feature changes will provide an even more dynamic battle and increase the overall mind games needed for high-level, competitive play.

We will put this to test come REV Major 2019 as Bayani will hold its first-ever official tournament as an official side-game to the event.

Registration is free and a prize pool is guaranteed. To everyone who will be joining us for our historic first tournament, I’ll see you all on September 28 and 29. Cheer

- Red

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