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Dev Blog #2: Inside the Zombie Creation Process

Updated: Apr 30

Hello everyone, by now the new update has been online for a couple of hours and I’d like to go over the general changes and updates included in the newest patch.

First of all, Dre is now a playable character. Going by our development pipeline, his addition to

the roster is actually a bit late and we apologize for the delay. However, we’d like to pat ourselves on the back for this character as we are actually quite proud and excited for Dre to be finally playable. As FChamp puts it, “he’s the best character we’ve made so far.”

Dre is actually quite different from the first four characters we released before. The way we approached him during the development process is completely different. It has been a few months since we’ve released Bayani for Early Access and we’ve gathered quite a lot of information, feedback, and suggestions. Moving forward, we wanted to implement all of this information to improve our character creation process.

To improve his aesthetics, we decided for solid colored lines and slash trails instead of the more subdued colors of the previous characters. In terms of gameplay, we wanted Dre to be more “alive.” We wanted both him and the enemy to move a lot more around the stage to further highlight his fast-paced gameplay. Quite frankly, it’s a bit of an experiment but if players find this kind of aesthetic and gameplay more pleasing, we’ll go back to add those additions to the other characters as well.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss more in detail the nuances of Dre’s character and how we envisioned him to be played.


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