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Dominating the Battlefield: The Conqueror’s Abilities

Updated: May 1, 2020

Fernando truly epitomizes what it means to conquer the battlefield as he has tools to keep his

opponents away and force them to be impatient, he has good anti-air tools to use against his

enemies when they get impatient, and he has some of the strongest close-quarter combat tools

available. He truly embodies the concept of an immovable force that conquers all as he can

dominate opponents from seemingly any range.

Another power that the Divine Weapon bestows Fernando is that it gives him the ability to charge certain moves to increase and even change their properties. His S1 is a powerful axe swing that throws enemies away but can be charged to release a low-hitting flame projectile. It can be charged for up to two levels with the first level crawling to mid screen while the fully charged version can reach up to full screen.

His S2 is an anti-air slash and charging the move will turn it into an anti-air tackle which he can then follow up with a combo.

S3 is a mobility move to close the gap and can be chained to finish differently depending on the button you press. Chaining to A will do a sliding low sweep which allows you to combo after it. Chaining to B will do an overhead elbow drop which you can also combo after from. While Chaining to C will do an unblockable command grab to throw the opponent away.

His 5C can also be charged which gives the move armor to eat through hits and allow you to get your slashes in and close the gap. His D-Skill adds another level to his offense as he does a feint charge move to catch enemies off guard and trick them into making a mistake.

His Fatal Strike summons forth the infamous Galleon ship, VictoryA to crash through the enemy, dragging them along the Ship’s path. It is also an OTG attack which makes it a good finisher and puts the enemy at a disadvantageous position—completely at the end of the screen where Fernando can begin charging his moves and setting up his space control once more.

Fernando’s biggest strength is also his biggest weakness. With all of his tools centered on

offense, he has little defensive options to fall back on. This means that if the enemy is gaining

offensive pressure, Fernando has a hard time getting the momentum back.

With the big bad boss finally available in the game, BAYANI now has 6 characters to choose

from all with different play styles and options. This adds more variety and depth to the game and

it is interesting to see how the match-ups will evolve because of this.

- Red

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