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Symbiosis: Rio and Anito Character Introduction

Continuing where we left off, S2 summons Anito to attack the opponent for you up to mid screen. This move has two variants. Neutral S2 (5S2) will call Anito to do an overhead punch. Back S2 (4S2) summons Anito to do a Vine Sweep which needs to be blocked low and deals significantly more damage than the punch counterpart. The EX version is a command grab that also has two variants. When it grabs a blocking opponent, the enemy will be pummeled by a barrage of punches. If it grabs an airborne opponent it will smash them to the ground dealing massive damage. This can be used as an anti-air grab or as an air juggle combo finisher.

S3 calls on Anito to charge at the opponent. The EX version is a delayed summon and actually allows Rio to move before Anito charges. Anito also has armor while rushing in. EXS3 allows Rio to reposition or attack simultaneously as Anito can cover for him with an armored charge move.

Rio’s 4C summons a giant version of Anito’s arm which is his main anti-air and secondary launcher. It can also block against 1 projectile hit which makes for a potent defense.

Rio also has two air dashes which gives him even more mobility. He can do two forward dashes, two backward dashes, a forward and back dash, or a back and forward dash. In the air, S2 (jS2) summons Anito to create a strong shockwave and allows Rio to jump back for more air mobility. Combining all of these gives Rio a lot of air mobility to either get in at odd angles or escape properly read attacks.

His D-Skill calls Anito who will charge up for an attack. Anito will need to be attacked 5 times to cancel the charge because, if he is allowed to finish, he will do a half screen vine sweep that deals considerable damage. In using the D-Skill, Rio is completely free to move and attack. This move truly epitomizes the partnership and teamwork of Rio and Anito as enemies will now have to worry about two characters instead of one. Attack Rio and be at risk of being attacked by a fully charged vine sweep. Attack Anito and Rio is free to move. Furthermore, the D-Skill can also be used as a shield to tank hits for Rio. This makes up for the fact the Rio has the lowest HP in the game alongside Dre.

Rio’s Fatal summons a very powerful version of Anito’s vine sweep. It hits for the entire length of the floor and is an OTG which makes it a very powerful combo ender. For another 2 meters, you can press S3 to call Anito and finish off the opponent with a barrage of attacks.

Rio has a lot of moves and options thanks to Anito. A lot of his moves center on pushing the enemy away and causing a hard knockdown as it leaves them completely open to his OTG Fatal. True to his character, Rio’s gameplay is very much lacking. His reach is poor and his HP is the lowest. However, with a carefully crafted strategy, Anito can cover for all of his weaknesses making both of them a deadly force in the battlefield.

Tomorrow we will talk about the other huge part of the update which is the gameplay improvements. - Red

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