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The Dragon and the Moon: Lolang Tsora’s Character Introduction

As for Tsora’s Special Moves, S1 throws a Light Magic orb at an arc and has three variants. Back S1 (4S1) throws the orb near her, Neutral S1 (5S1) throws the orb mid range, and Forward S1 (6S1)) throws the orb even further. Her S2 leaves a flame trap on the ground and has two variants as well depending on your distance against the opponent. If Tsora is full screen to mid screen away, she will create a trap far from her. If Tsora is mid screen to close range away from the enemy, she will create a trap near her. She can only create one trap per variant but this also means that if you position correctly, you can always have two traps (one near and one far) active. Her S3 is multi-hitting Combination Magic that throws enemies away and is her best tool at pushing away opponents that got close. Her air specials (jS1, jS2, jS3) are all Combination Magic spinning dive kicks that have different angles of approach to give her some form of air mobility and option.

Her Ex-S1 summons two overhead hitting orbs from above that deals a lot of damage. Her Ex-S2 summons a more powerful trap that lasts longer and can have more than one active. It retains the position based mechanic as well. Her Ex-S3 summons a giant orb that moves slowly. The damage is low but the space control it provides is extremely valuable. Tsora can summon two of them depending on her distance against the enemy, using the same rules as S2.

What really ties all of Lolang Tsora’s skills is her D-Skill which allows her to charge energy and gain 1 full meter per charge. Bayani’s gameplay revolves around heavy meter generation and resource management as a lot of the more useful options require meter. Tsora, on the other hand, can create energy out of thin air which gives her immediate access to her more powerful tools.

Her Fatal Strike is a full screen projectile barrage that deals significant damage. By pressing S1 after the Fatal Strike, she can spend 2 more meters to summon both the Moon and the Bakunawa to create a Lunar Eclipse that deals whole screen damage.

Despite being very frail and lacking true mobility options, her gameplay is one of the most devastating styles in the game. She can quickly control the space around her and keep her opponents away. Blocking her attacks can cause significant chip damage and can force out bad decisions especially against impatient enemies. Give her enough space and she’ll be able to use her D-Skill to charge meter which gives her access to even more powerful options. If the enemy does manage to get in, she has a couple of tools to push the opponents back or get away. If all else fails, she can simply use Break (C+S3) to reset; she has tons of meter to spam it.

With access to some of the most powerful magic in the Bayaniverse, Tsora has more than enough tools to keep her enemies at bay, whittle away at their HP and sanity, and force them to make mistakes or make them tear their hair out in frustration.

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