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Development Update #2

Game development is a long and iterative process and Bayani is our proof that incremental updates and changes can lead to a better product. The current state of Bayani is far from what it used to be a couple of years back and it was only made possible through constant iterative releases, player feedback, then more iterative releases that reflect those feedback. However, iterative updates come at a cost which is slower development process. Instead of releasing a one-time big update, going with small update cycles produces better results at the cost of time spent.

By now, we are now officially Roster complete with the 9th (not-so) secret character to be released as a FREE DLC to everyone. The original 8 of the main roster has been set in place for years while Demon Joe was added as a stretch goal in our KickStarter campaign so having it as a DLC seems more fitting. This means that all of the models, materials, and moves have been brewing for a couple of years now for the main 8 but Demon Joe will be completely new which will take a bit more time to develop. This also means that since we are Roster Complete, we can now start development for the other features of the game such as Better Arcade Mode, Story Mode, and a Better Training Room. This also means that we can divert more manpower and resources to Online Multiplayer with a proper Lobby. At this point, Rollback Netcode is a must so we will have to rethink our Multiplayer approach. DLC Characters will still be developed alongside the other features but the difference is that Character Creation will no longer be the top priority.

As for game features, the gameplay is now stable enough so that we can begin improvements. Having 8 characters with varying playstyles and toolsets have also given us a very good baseline of features that we can play around with. Moving forward, we will be refining the features that we have implemented for the initial roster.

The next Minor Update will focus on giving everyone access to their Final Arts. The Minor Update after that will focus on improving the grab mechanic to make it more consistent. Currently, some grabs behave differently and in some cases, can mess up the physics or hit stun of the game. Also, the window for teching/cancelling a grab is too small. We already have a WIP prototype for this is still unfinished so it didn’t make the cut for this update.

For Major Updates, we will focus on Story Mode, Training Room, and/or better Arcade experience. Multiplayer is being developed separately and we’ll give updates regarding our progress when we have something to showcase. Rest assured that Online Multiplayer is something that we are working on as we are also looking forward to having a robust and fun online experience with Bayani. In the meantime, we are using Steam Remote Play to play with other people to surprising results. It’s not a perfect alternative but it manages to scratch the multiplayer itch when it arises.

We give our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has been supporting us up to now. All of the feedback, comments, and criticisms helped us change and improve the game and we promise that we will continue to listen and improve the game in the future.

Stay safe everyone!


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