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BAYANI Patch 1.0.2

Updated: May 1, 2020

General Changes:

  • Tonio 3D model reworked.

  • Added Parsec download link. While online multiplayer is still being developed, players can use parsec as a means to play against other people online.

  • Added new UI and improved UI animation.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Improved the hitboxes for all moves and characters to be more accurate.

  • Can now Dash using A+B

  • Slightly decreased the block stun for all 5A and 2A moves for all characters

  • Refactored some of the air move physics to be additive instead of overwrite


  • Fixed a bug where EX-Sp1 is considered a low attack and has no hitstun and blockstun.

  • Decreased Joe's Lightning Thrust (6AAAA and 4B) meter gain slightly

  • Increased opponent meter gain when hit (both on hit and on block) by Joe's Lightning Thrust (6AAAA and 4B)

  • Fixed a bug where Joe becomes completely invulnerable after using his D-Skill


  • improved animation for command grab to match the new 3D model

  • improved Tonio's 6A Normal Combo air juggle potential

  • increased pushback of Tonio's S2

  • increased pushback of Tonio's 4C

  • fixed a bug where you can still use Fatal Skills to evade Tonio's Fatal Skill


  • added armor breaker properties to Leon's 5C

  • improved Leon's 6A Normal Combo air juggle potential

  • improved Leon's S3 and EX-S3 air juggle hits

  • improved Leon's Fatal Skill air juggle capabilities

  • removed height restriction for Leon's j.S1 and j.S3

  • Leon can now use j.S1, j.S2, and j.S3 while jumping back, dashing forward, and dashing back


  • improved Oria's 6A Normal Combo air juggle potential

  • improved Oria's S1 and EX-S1 air juggle hits

  • improved startup speed for Oria's Fatal Skill

  • reduced hitstun and block stun of the 6A Normal Combo

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