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Patch Notes for v1.3.0

General Changes:

  • Rio is now a Playable Character!

  • Plaza Benavides is now a Playable Stage!

  • Rio's Theme can now be selected!

Gameplay Changes:

  • Changed the jump height and weight of all characters. This change was added to improve the feel of jumps. This means that all characters land faster after jumping or being launched. As a result, all air moves have also been changed and updated and wil have different timings and properties depending on the move.

  • Removed various Knockdowns in the game. This change is a step towards the eventual final gameplay of Bayani. The game's various hard knockdowns made set-up and wake-up game too powerful. This also made the game feel too slow with all the stops in momentum. Hopefully, this change will accelerate the pace of the game as well as encourage players to find even more ways to approach and attack.

  • Revamped frame data, hitstun advantage, and blockstun advantage of almost all moves. The previous frame data allowed for a lot of moves to be safe on block which leaves opponents unpunished. Now with the revamped frame data, A (light) attacks are safe B (medium) are generally safe depending on range, and C (heavy) moves are unsafe. Special moves differ individually. We are aware that players are looking for a detailed Frame Data for the game and we promise that we will eventually publish the data when the game is near completion. Currently, it is difficult to publish the game's Frame Data as there are massive changes to the numbers after every patch. Once the gameplay has stabilized and we have found a set of data that we believe will become final for the game, we will publish the data both online and in-game.

  • Air dash height requirement decreased slightly to make instant airdashes easier.

  • Can no longer cancel unique normals from an airdash


  • Model Reworked

  • Removed previous 2A attack as the move's range was too short to be useful.

  • Previous 2B is now 2A. Frame data was adjusted as necessary.

  • Previous 2C is now 2B. Keeps all the frame data of the previous 2B

  • Added New 2C move which is a hard knockdown. Removed OTG property of previous 2C

  • Fixed a bug where the last hit of his light combo doesn't match with the animation

  • Added particles to his feet when using Fatal


  • Added forward movement to her Light Auto Combo

  • Added a slight forward movement and OTG properties to her Fatal to ensure it connects more reliably

  • Fixed her ABC chains (standing, crouching, and jumping) to connect more reliably as the previous version didn't connect consistently

  • Increased the recovery for her A attacks

  • Revamped D-Skill

    • D-Skill costs 1 meter

    • Is now an invulnerable cross-up sommersault

    • Can chain to A, B, or C

    • A is an overhead knockdown

    • B is a divekick and is a combo starter

    • C is a spin move sweep

  • Fixed a bug where some of her special moves pass thru the enemy without damaging them


  • Removed previous 2A attack as the move's range was too short to be useful.

  • Previous 2B is now 2A. Frame data was adjusted as necessary.

  • New 2B is now a slide kick that hits low

  • New 2C is a sweep that can special cancel

  • New j5C is a flying overhead kick that slightly propels Leon up and forward. Can chain back to j5B and is special cancellable.

  • Old j5C is moved to j2C. Same properties

  • Forward Air Dash Macro A+B is back

  • Improved hitbox for S1, ExS1, and jS1 fireballs. Hitbox is now the entire fireball.

  • ExS1 fireball travel speed decreased. Recovery also decreased.

  • jS2 is now only one hit, changed to an overhead, and changed the angle and speed of the approach.

  • Fatal revamped to be more consistent. Is now 21 hits and hits reliably for both grounded and air opponents.

  • Various particle and visual improvements


  • Added forward movement to his Light Auto Combo

  • Last hit of the autocombo changed from knockback to crumple. Can now special cancel to all special moves more reliably.

  • Gun follow-up after Fatal now hits consistently. Input changed to S2 instead of S1


  • Adjusted hitbox of 5C to reliably hit air opponents

  • Adjusted hitbox of 4C to hit nearby opponents

Known Issues:

  • Temporarily removed Video Background during Fatal due to technical reasons

  • Bug where Oria's and Dre's Fatal can sometimes double when buttons are mashed reappeared. Will be addresed in a future hotfix

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