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Patch notes for v1.1.0

Updated: Apr 30

General Changes:

  • Dre is now a playable character!

  • Oria's Stage: Campo Monumento can now be selected!

  • Dre's Theme can now be selected!

  • Background video during Fatal Strike is now implemented

  • Improved shaders and lighting

  • Added end objects to the edge of stages

Gameplay Changes:

  • Reworked Break mechanic to the new Combo Break feature. Reduced Start Up to 25. Active is 3 Frames. Recovery is 35 frames. The move is fully invulnerable from frame 1 to 28.

  • Blocking an enemies Break refills 1 full bar of your meter

  • Across the board increase to Forward and Back Grabs for everyone


  • Slightly reduced meter gain when attacking

  • Increase damage of S1 fireball

  • Increase damage of S2 Riposte

  • Reduced hitstun for the last hit of 5AAAA

  • Improved invulnerable frames of S2 Riposte and ExS2


  • Temporarily removed the Jumping A+B macro for the forward Air Dash as it interferes with his air BnB

  • Fixed a bug on 2C and 6C where the second attack sometimes doesn't come out

  • Reworked ExS2. Second hit is now an overhead attack that knocks down the opponent in front of you

  • Rescaled Fatal Strike to 16 hits. Rescaled damage.


  • Increased HP to 1350, same as Leon. They are now both the second lowest HP in the game. (Dre is the lowest. Tonio is the highest)

  • ExS3 is now an overhead attack. Can still be done in the air.

  • D-Skill now costs 1 meter.

  • 5C can now cancel to D-Skill

  • Doubled the damage of D-Skill, A follow-up

  • Removed the height restriction for jS2. Can now be done during back Jump as well.

  • Increased damage for Fatal Strike


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